Why You Need An Ionic Air Purifier

Why You Need An Ionic Air Purifier

Why You Need An Ionic Air Purifier

Why You Need An Ionic Air Purifier

There are lots of toxins and pollutants hanging around inside your home, that is why you need an iconic air purifier. The indoor air is actually more dangerous than outdoor air, despite what you hear on the news. I’m sure you’re wondering where all these pollutants come from.

Ionic Air Purifiers Can Clean Up What We Leave Behind

Ever watch the little sparkles floating around in a ray of sunshine? Did you know that those little floaters are actually dead human skin flakes? Gross, isn’t it? A large contributor to dust, these skin flakes contaminate the air and make humans themselves one of the largest contributors of pollutants to indoor air. Unfortunately, since you’re probably human, there’s not much you can do about it. Dust mites feed on this dead human skin almost exclusively. Remember; what you see is only about ten percent of what’s actually there. Outdoors, mother nature takes care of this for us with ozone, which destroys most of the bacteria hanging around these skin flakes, and negative ions which remove the dead skin from the air we breathe, and dust mites and other bacteria with them.

Ionic Air Purifiers Can Remove Dust

Dust is another big polluter. Almost 40 pounds of dust is created per 1500 square feet in a year. Riding on each speck of dust are about forty thousand dust mites and other bacteria and viruses. Outdoors, negative ions remove the dust particles while ozone destroys much of the bacteria. In order to be healthy indoors, we must simulate this effect. That’s exactly what an ionic air purifier does.

Ionic Air Purifiers Will Remove Pollen

Pollen is a wonderful thing. Without it, we’d have no honey and plants would not reproduce. In our noses and sinuses, however, pollen falls under the category of the far less friendly term of “allergens.” Although pollen is great outside, there’s no way for nature to address it once it’s inside. An ionic air purifier can take care of this problem for you.

Ionic Air Purifiers Can Remove Many Things

You know that wonderful smell that comes with your new home? It’s actually the out-gassing of all the chemicals used to treat the paint on the walls and other various materials from which the home was built. Also, while wood floors are better for your health, carpet is always the less expensive choice, which means it sees a lot more use. Carpet also out-gasses chemicals. Sofas, chairs with cushions, and even mattresses are treated with many chemicals, such as fire retardants, which add even more pollutants into the air. The ozone from an ionic air purifier can handle all of this.

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