What Post-Op Care for SmartLipo

What Post-Op Care for SmartLipo

What Post-Op Care for SmartLipo

What Post-Op Care for SmartLipo

SmartLipo is far more advantageous than traditional liposuction not only in terms of procedure but also in recovery time and post-op care. Post-op care begins as soon as the procedure is over. Normally, the patient is awake the entire time that the operation is performed but without feeling pain because of the anesthesia. After the procedure is finished, a post-surgery review will be conducted as the surgeon reviews the process and provides guidelines on how post-op care should be done.

The discussion includes instructions on how to take care of the wounds and the surgeon will provide compression bandages that can greatly speed up recovery time. These bandages will boost healing because it will maintain the shape by making sure that the affected tissues won’t shift during the recuperation period. Change them daily so infections will not occur.

When cleaning the incision sites, wash hands then the incisions with soap and water. Apply antibiotic ointments and cover them with bandages or band-aids. Drainage are common for a few hours (sometimes up to 2 days) after the procedure. Despite being red in color, only 1% of it is blood and the rest is just anesthesia and tissue fluid. If, however, foul-smelling drainage and fever occurs, it’s best to call the surgeon immediately.

Bed rest is recommended for the first 12 hours. Patients can get back to their feet within two days following the surgery though with caution. Mild swelling or discomfort is normal. Those who had the SmartLipo procedure done on the knees or arms should elevate them so swelling will decrease.

A few days after the surgery has been performed, you will be advised to do some minor movements just to get the circulation going. Resume activities 25% at a time. Start with small movements and increase them as the days go by, just so the body can slowly adjust to the physical activities without feeling maximum strain or fatigue.

Blood thinners and anti-inflammatory medications are not recommended and if the patient is a smoker, it’s best not to get back to the habit immediately. Instead, take antibiotics and take them with food to prevent infections in affected areas. Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided during this period too.

Showering is discouraged following the procedure. Hot tubs are not allowed for a week or so. The same goes for Jacuzzi or pool activities for around two weeks.

Follow-up checks ups are suggested so the doctor can examine the incisions and make sure that healing is going as planned. Recovery check-up schedules should be strictly followed so in case infection, it can be treated immediately before the situation worsens.

SmartLipo is perfect for active individuals because it only takes a few days to recover and get things back to normal. Compared with traditional liposuction, SmartLipo only needs a day or two for immediate recovery. Individuals who have desk jobs can get back to work the following day while those who are into physical work may require a few days which is still shorter compared to months that traditional liposuction normally requires.


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