What Are The Hospital Regulations With Medical Scrubs?


What Are The Hospital Regulations With Medical Scrubs?

What Are The Hospital Regulations With Medical Scrubs?

What are the hospital regulations with medical scrubs and why do they exist? When it comes to working within the medical field, it is imperative that all workers abide to the uniform regulations. Uniforms are used as a form of identification, but also as a means to help maintain a clean and sanitary environment. This is especially important to eliminate the spread of disease and infection. Each hospital has their own rules and regulations in terms of uniforms, but in most cases, these rules will be quite similar. These are a few guidelines which remain throughout all hospitals.

Clean scrubs must be worn every single day. Most hospitals will have their own scrubs laundered as a means to maintain cleanliness and sterility. However, there are some hospitals that will allow staff members to launder their own scrubs. In these cases the individual will be required to be in possession of several pairs of scrubs to ensure that a clean set is worn at every shift. In the event that your scrubs become soiled, they must be removed immediately and changed for a clean set. Just as hospital staff will be required to maintain a certain level of personal hygiene to eliminate the spread of germs, the same is said for the clothing in which they wear when in the hospital.

Originally, scrubs were manufactured in unisex sizes which for obvious reasons were not able to comfortably fit all sizes and both genders. Scrubs are now made in sizes to fit both men and women respectively, and these should fit you correctly and comfortably. They should not be too tight or baggy and should not hinder you in anyway in terms of how you perform within the hospital. All workers must dress respectfully. Chests must be covered, and no area of the navel should be on display. Although originally created in plain white and then green, scrubs can now be found in a wide range of colors and styles. When wearing scrubs, the top and bottom parts should match in color and you should also wear the color which has been assigned to your particular department. This will differ from each hospital, but in terms of working within the OR, this is typically blue, green or red.

The hospital in which you work will have its own rules on the additional items of clothing you may be required to wear when working within the hospital. However, in some cases, you may find that you need to wear additional clothing to accompany your scrubs. Many female workers may find they will need to wear an under layer in order to keep them warm, and to ensure no bare flesh is showing in inappropriate areas. In these cases, you will be allowed to wear either nylon or cotton tops.

Although seen to many as a piece of uniform, scrubs are much more than that within the medical field. However, it is important to be aware that scrubs must only be worn when inside the hospital, and never when you are outside of work. By ensuring you follow these guidelines, you will enjoy a more hygienic and comfortable working environment.

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