The Rise of Organic Food Usage

The Rise of Organic Food Usage

The Rise of Organic Food Usage

The Rise of Organic Food Usage

The rise of organic food usage in the last part of this decade has been significant. It is always noteworthy to actually look into some figures that may give insights and important information to readers about the trend of using organic substances. Worlds modern people have cheerfully embraced the use of organic substances especially with food. Albeit a bit easier when said than done, a try is always worth it. The website Wikipedia says a lot about statistics in the organic food industry.

1. Organic food is the fastest growing sector of the American food marketplace. That means more and more Americans have become aware of the repercussions of using synthetic products and realized the benefits of using organic food.

2. For the past two or three years, the sales of organic food has grown by a 17-20 percent versus the previous years. More Americans are getting organic food even if it entails an increase in cost of approximately about 40 percent. This may post a bit of a downside for most average American families, but many still believe that investment in health is the best investment still.

3. Total world organic food data estimated a huge leap from 2002’s USD 23 billion to 2005’s USD 52 billion. Isn’t that quite a huge leap?

4. The global organic figures started with 20% growth in 1998 and is expected to grow to up to 10-50% annually depending on country, according to Wikipedia.

5. A research by European Commission confirms that the quality of crops and livestock products from organic and conventional farming systems differs considerably.” For so many people taste matters. With organic food seemingly tasting better than conventional ones, a trend going for organic may be imminent.

These are solid evidences that there is hope for use of organic products in the future especially in the area of human nutrition. And that it is slowly becoming the fad is an even more amazing news to learn about. I am beginning to imagine a world that pays respect to mother earth and understands the need for sustainable development not only for the present generation but for the coming generations as well.

With organic food leading the trend, other sectors may follow as well. This may revolutionize the way manufacturing and production of food is done. This creates a totally new creative jargon in the global economy. This might totally change the way a lot of people live.

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