Skins Of Fruits Should Be Eaten


Skins Of Fruits Should Be Eaten

Skins Of Fruits Should Be Eaten

Skins of fruits should be eaten as they are the best sources of natural nutrients that the fruit contains. Containing a large amount of minerals and vitamins, fruits help us get good health faster. Fruits are the healthiest foods that we eat everyday; however, we don’t know that the skins of fruits can be eaten and they are very good for our health as well. Eating the skins of fruit can help supplement vitamins, fight against cancer and increase our energy levels. These are some fruits and vegetables that we should try to eat without binning their skin.

Kiwi fruit

The skin of the kiwi fruit has antioxidants as well as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti- allergic substance. Its skin has three times the anti-oxidants of its pulp. It can also fight against Staphylococcus and E-coli which often cause food poisoning.

Kiwi skin is quite tart. If you can’t eat it, you can use it for juicing.


We often eat the florets of broccoli, but we shouldn’t ignore the stalks because they are full of calcium and vitamin C. The stalks of broccoli make you feel fuller for longer.


We do not use the prickly skin of the pineapple but its tough core. This tough skin contains a lot of vitamin C and an enzyme called bromelain which helps protect the stomach.

Slice the prickly skin of the pineapple into small pieces and crush it for the juice or add it into soups or casseroles.


Garlic skin can help check the ageing process and protect the heart. Therefore, you should use the whole bulb to bake or fry when cooking.


Pumpkin is rich in zinc and the antioxidant beta carotene. Therefore, it can promote healthy skin and nails as well as protect against heart disease and cancer.


Banana peel extract can help decrease depression because it is rich in serotonin which can balance the mood. The skin is also good for your eyes.

Boil the banana peel for 10 minutes and drink the cooled water or crush the whole fruit for the juice.

Citrus fruits

Orange and tangerine peel is high in antioxidants. They can help ease cholesterol and colonize the gut with beneficial bacteria. You can add them into cakes or crush the whole fruit and drink it.


Don’t reject potato skins because they contain many substances which are very good for our health such as potassium, iron, phosphorous, zinc and vitamin C.

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