Simple Treatment and Prevention of Health Issues

Simple Treatment and Prevention of Health Issues

Simple Treatment and Prevention of Health Issues

Simple Treatment and Prevention of Health Issues

Learning about health issues, the treatment and cure, should be a part of every person’s education. Current knowledge regarding health issues, together with good living habits, can help us maintain good health.

Treatment of health issues sometimes involves no more than prescribed rest and a healthy diet. The physical body has amazing great healing powers to heal itself, and such measures may be all it needs to overcome a mild illness. But more serious health issues and diseases may require a specific course of treatment to achieve a cure.

Nutritional therapy is a treatment using vitamins and minerals and herbs to bring about a cure for various diseases that affect the health an individual.

All parts of the body must work together properly to maintain sound health. The various practices that help maintain sound health are called hygiene. Proper nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep, cleanliness, and medical and dental care are all essential parts of hygiene that promote good health.

Nutrition – A balanced diet provides all the food substances needed by the body for healthy growth and development. A balanced diet consists of a wide variety of foods. Fruits and vegetables provide important vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health n preventing diseases. Poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, and nuts are rich sources of protein. Bread (whole grain), cereals, and potatoes furnish carbohydrates in addition to vitamins and minerals. Good nutrition also includes eating the proper amount of food each day to avoid obesity that can lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Exercise – helps keep the body in good health and fitness. Vigorous exercise strengthens muscles and improves the function of the circulatory and respiratory systems. Physical fitness benefits both physical and mental health and enables the body to withstand stresses that otherwise could cause physical and emotional problems. To achieve fitness, a person should start an exercise program slowly and build it up gradually to a level that maintains a healthy heart and strong muscles. Daily exercise provides the greatest health benefits.

Rest and Sleep – help overcome fatigue and restore energy to the body. Everyone needs rest and sleep to maintain sound health, but the amount required differs for each individual. Rest and relaxation are as important as sleep. After strenuous work or exercise, a person may need a period of total rest. A restful body can help ward off disease; whereas a body that is fatigued and drained, actually become vulnerable to disease.

Cleanliness – controls the growth of bacteria and other germs that can cause disease. A daily bath or shower keeps the body free from dirt and odor. In addition, it helps prevent skin infections that may develop if bacteria grow and multiply on the skin. The hair should also be washed regularly to maintain healthy growth. Daily dental care is another important part of personal cleanliness. Brushing the teeth properly and using dental floss keep the teeth clean and help prevent decay and gum disease.

Medical and Dental Care – Regular checkups by a physician and dentist play an important role in safeguarding your health. Early care can result in a quicker cure and lower medical costs.

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