Representative Price is Right

Representative Price is Right

Representative Price is Right

Representative Price is right

Long term and subacute providers believe that Representative Price is right for their ringing endorsement. President Trump’s choice to lead the Department of Health and Human Resources is a fellow provider with a unique understanding of this segment of healthcare.

The feeling is that Rep. Tom price (R-Ga), a former practicing orthopedic surgeon and fellow provider, will bring a more sympathetic and pragmatic eye to healthcare administration. Providers have found the Price to be supportive of long term and subacute sectors and that he understands the role these two levels of care provide for patients.

Price’s understanding of the patient care delivery process and the rehabilitation component will provide him with a unique understanding of how these services play an important role n the healthcare continuum.

Price has been a strong critic of the Affordable Care Act, and what he deems to be the excessive regulation. This will be the first time long term and subacute care providers will have someone in this position that based on his professional experience will be able to advocate for programs that will recognize the role of this sector plays in the healthcare continuum.

Combined with the current nominee to run the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Seema Verma the industry should enjoy a resurgence of positive input and programming.

This will be a strong team as over the next months Congress will be involved in one of the most contentious policy wars. The outcome of the replacement of Obama care (ACA) will revolutionize the American Healthcare Systems. Many decisions regarding the timing and method for dismantling ACA will test their ability to steer the process in congress and deal with what the white house sees as its mandate. The industry that is on the verge of serious financial issues needs their expertise to satisfy all interested parties.

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