Post-Operative Care For Right Recovery From a Nose Job

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Post-Operative Care For Right Recovery From a Nose Job

Post-Operative Care For Right Recovery From a Nose Job

Post-operative care after a nose job is important to make sure it heals just the way it should. With the right recovery, your operation will be a success, and you can enjoy your new and improved face for the rest of your life!

How You Will Feel

Right after you operation, you won’t feel 100% for a while. Your nose will be sore, with some swelling and bruising. There might be a little pain and bleeding. This is normal just after your surgery. Most people also suffer from headaches and swelling around the eyes.

The First 24 Hours

The first day stay in bed. Keep your head elevated. There will be some pain, and your doctors will give you some painkillers and antibiotics. Don’t make any plans or plan to be very coherent. Take it easy in bed and don’t lift a finger to do anything.

Your nose will be in a plaster. During the initial 24 hours, your job is to keep that plaster cast dry. Don’t let it get wet. If the swelling bothers you, put ice on it. After 24 hours, the swelling should go down, the bleeding should stop, and you’re ready to get out of bed.

The First Week

There will still be a little swelling after the first day, but you should see it disappear gradually. You can use a compress to help speed up the process. There shouldn’t be any more pain or bleeding after the first day or two.

The first week after the operation, there are some important things you must do. Clean around the outside of the nostrils with a cotton swab that has been dipped in warm water. This is done to remove any excess scabbing and crust.

After about three days, you should also clean out the inside of the nostrils to remove the crusty stuff. Exactly how to do this depends on what your doctor used for the operation, so follow your doctor’s instructions on how to get that crust out of there.

For the first week after the operation, don’t blow your nose. This can be a real pain for some people, but it’s something you have to be careful about. Some doctors will recommend not doing it for up to 3 weeks, so check with them first. Of course, blowing your nose once doesn’t completely ruin the treatment, but it can cause complications, and that’s why they recommend you not do it.

Most importantly, follow your doctor’s instructions and know when something doesn’t look right. If you do exactly as they say and take care of that new nose, you won’t have any trouble and your nose job will be a success!


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