Nursing Facility Selection

Nursing Facility Selection

Nursing Facility Selection

Nursing Facility Selection

Nursing facilities are where sick or frail people can receive care. The nursing facility selection process should be done carefully. They also offer care for people needing rehabilitation, respite care, and sub-acute care. A team of skilled professionals are available to help with activities associated with daily living and to provide the residents a chance to be socially active.

The primary care physician of an elderly person is often called in to make an assessment of their ability to take care of their own daily living activities. These include having enough dexterity to feed or dress oneself and take medications as scheduled. The person’s balance will also be assessed to determine if they are susceptible to falls. Sometimes family members are able to provide the assistance required, but at other times, a facility with twenty-hour staff is required.

In addition, family members who are caring full time for developmentally challenged adults or the frail elderly may face serious health issues of their own. Respite care in a nursing facility offers a temporary break from the challenges they are constantly faced with and allows them time to recuperate and resume care for their loved one.

People who are recovering from a major medical event such as surgery can also benefit from receiving care in a nursing facility. Sub-acute care includes post surgery, infusion therapy, wound care, pain management, and ventilator care and weaning. Care in a nursing facility offers the person a chance to heal without the high cost of an expensive hospital stay. The goal is for the patient to return to the community or a lower level care facility.

When considering facilities, ask the administrator or the Director of Admissions what the last two Federal and State surveys looked like, the results should be posted. When visiting the facility notice if the staff takes time to speak with the residents and interacts with care and seem interested. In addition, find out if there is a criminal background check and drug screening performed on all applicants and staff members.

The facility should have social and recreation events scheduled. They can vary from watching a movie, field trips, birthday parties, or exercise classes. Staying socially active and engaged is important for the physical and mental health of everyone. Check the schedule to find out what is offered and drop in during one to find out how well it is planned.

There are several other things to consider. One is to observe on your visit, how well the buildings and grounds are maintained. When entering does it have a clean appearance and smell? Also check with the licensing agency to find out if there have been any safety or health complaints. Another important thing to take notice of is if the residents seem to be healthy, well cared for, and happy. Make sure residents are up and not left in their room to their own devices. Nursing facilities offer many benefits to a variety of people with different needs.

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