Legal Injuries are not always obvious

Legal Injuries are not always obvious

Legal Injuries are not always obvious

Legal Injuries are not always obvious

Injuries cause people issues that go way beyond what the eye can see. Legal injuries are not always obvious. When the term injury is used most people think an accident has occurred. An injury can also be a physical ailment that has occurred over time. One example of an injury which you could say isn’t so obvious is RSI – a common workplace injury.

RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury and can occur from using a computer mouse or keyboard. Certain mouse pads and keyboard arm rests can help prevent the injury occurring with extra padding as support so the wrist isn’t overused or strained. RSI can be a permanent injury that is painful and can affect a persons’ ability to carry out usual daily tasks.

Other injuries that are not so obvious include psychological injuries. A psychological injury is a mental health issue that can also occur because of a situation in the workplace that has caused or contributed towards the problem. These may include things like anxiety, stress and depression. It is extremely important to seek medical advice to help address the injury and hopefully resolve the psych injury and take advice for work injury compensation claims.

If you are in any way concerned about your health or mental health it is recommended you see a doctor. You also need to discuss it with your employer. There may be Injury Compensation Claim benefits available so you can take some time off in needed to help you recover from your injury.

The benefits to which you may be entitled may include but are not limited to;

* Paid wages or salary
* Hospital and medical expenses
* Rehabilitation expenses
* Travel expenses (reasonable)
* Any other expenses that are related to the injury
* A lump sum payment for a permanent injury

If you are offered a lump sum payment it is advisable you seek legal advice before you accept or sign any paperwork. Once you have accepted a lump sum payment there is no option for any further Personal Injury Compensation Claims although this will depend on where you are.

You may find after discussing the lump sum payment with a legal professional or no win no fee lawyers that you are actually entitled to much more in compensation that has been offered. This depends on the circumstances of your injury such as who was to blame and any future economic losses that have occurred.

Injury Compensation is your legal right. You cannot assume that an insurance company will offer you a lump sum that takes into account the future as it won’t. Discussing your legal case with a lawyer will help you become aware of your legal options and make an informed decision.

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