Houston Dental Implants: The Long-term Tooth Replacement Solution


Houston Dental Implants: An Overview

Houston Dental Implants: An Overview

Houston dental implants: an overview of the best possible solution modern dental science has to offer those that present with single or multiple missing teeth. Forget removable dentures and dental bridges along with all the hassles, challenges and endless costs associated with them. Houston dental implants offer a long-term solution that fits perfectly in the gaps left bare by the missing teeth without causing damage to any surrounding teeth or irritation to the gum and without promoting bone loss in the jaw. Teeth can go missing for several reasons. While we like to think that they will last us a lifetime, most people enter their late adulthood with at least one original tooth having been lost to any of a variety of causes. In fact, according to statistics releasedĀ  by the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 69% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 have already lost one of their permanent teeth to accidental trauma, a failed root canal, and tooth decay or gum disease! With such astonishing statistics (that only get direr the older the age group considered) it comes as a relief to millions that Houston dental implants are capable of restoring the fullness and beauty of your smile!

Houston Dental Implants: The Importance of a Long-Term Teeth Replacement Solution

Think about how important your teeth are to you and imagine how you would feel if one became irreparably damaged, cracked, decayed or went missing. You would be incredibly reluctant to smile lest your friends and family members see the missing gap! In fact, you would probably be so self conscious about your teeth that it would distract you from all other interactions and experiences! Losing teeth has a huge impact on self-esteem and confidence, not just socially, but in the professional workplace too! But beyond repairing the aesthetics of your smile, Houston dental implants are also fundamental in the restoration of oral functionality. You need your teeth for chewing and for articulation in speech and even one missing tooth can compromise this function.

So, when a patient approaches the oral surgeon with single or multiple missing teeth, the number one solution with a 98% success rate are Houston dental implants.

They are self-standing artificial teeth that do not rely on surrounding teeth for support, unlike removable dentures or partial bridges, which cause damage to the remaining teeth, irritate the gums and can even trigger the gag reflex.

They offer a fixed and long-term solution. The artificial roots of Houston dental implants are made from titanium metal, which osseointegrates with the bone of the jaw forming a strong and resilient bond. Because of this, the entire tooth replacement structure is able to work exactly like a real tooth.

The ceramic crowns affixed to the top of Houston dental implants are virtually indistinguishable from natural and healthy teeth. They are cared for like them too and are, in fact, more resistant to staining than natural teeth!

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