Good Post Operative Care For Liposuction


Good Post Operative Care For Liposuction

Good Post Operative Care For Liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today and produces firm, tightened muscles and skin that create long lasting satisfaction. Yet in order to get to those enviable results, liposuction patients must get through the recovery time with good post-operative care.

The most common issues connected with liposuction recovery includes swelling, bruising, tenderness, and pain. These problems are very normal and are caused by either anesthetic solution stuck under the skin after the procedure and from injury to the subcutaneous capillaries during liposuction.

There are different methods of aiding the healing after liposuction depending on which technique was used during the procedure. For example, with the older, traditional method one of the major concerns is to stem as much post-operative bleeding as possible and the associated swelling.

A high-compression garment is recommended in this case as it causes the damaged blood vessels to constrict and stop the blood flow out of that area. These garments may be necessary for as long as six weeks with the traditional liposuction method.

The tumescent technique is now as common, or more common than, the older, traditional method and does not require wearing a high-compression garments during the recovery process. This is because this advanced technique does not cause a great deal of blood loss during or after the surgery, with little or no blood left trapped under the skin.

In fact, it is even best to not close the incisions with sutures after the surgery because this can prevent all the extra blood-tinged fluids from draining out of the area, resulting in more swelling. Instead special absorption pads are used to soak up the drainage. A compression garment may be recommended but it will not be needed for as long as the high-compression bandage is worn with traditional methods.

Immediately after the surgery, many doctors will insert tiny drainage tubes in the skin at the affected liposuction area. This allows the blood-tinged fluids to easily flow out of the body and reduce the post-operative swelling.

Not all plastic surgeons will do this however. Yet, these drainage tubes can be one of the best ways to relieve post-operative swelling and shorten the recovery period.

No matter what type of liposuction technique you have performed, you should get plenty of rest for the day or two following plastic surgery. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to hydrate your body and take the prescribed pain medication when you need it. It is recommended that you take only showers and not baths during the first two weeks after surgery to prevent the risk of infection at the wound sites.

You will need to monitor the incision scars for the next six months to look for signs of infection. The swelling will generally have completely subsided at the end of six months and you will finally get to see the final product of your liposuction procedure.

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