Get the Best Home Care for Your Elderly Parent

Get the Best Home Care for Your Elderly Parent

Get the Best Home Care for Your Elderly Parent

Get the Best Home Care for Your Elderly Parent

You want to get the best home care for your elderly parent. With 10,000 seniors turning 65 years-old every day from now until 2020, getting appropriate elder care will be a first priority for many adult children caring for their parents. Many seniors say that they would much prefer living in their own homes as long as possible rather than being placed in an institution like a nursing home or a long-term acute care facility.

Many people wanting to provider the best home living experience for their parents are unable to provide home care themselves due to having full-time jobs, children of their own, or other responsibilities.

With the amount of demand for home care, there are many new companies popping up to offer these services. Many are respectable mom-and-pop businesses that sincerely want to provide good care. However, there are also enough fly-by-night operations that are just in it for a quick buck, so it is important to be vigilant and heed these guidelines when choosing a senior care provider.

Remember in all of this that you are hiring someone to act as a personal companion, helper, and even caregiver. The people you consider will likely be paid a fair, but moderate wage, so interview carefully and screen aggressively. When at all possible hire a certified aide or other licensed professionals.

First, decide what exactly it is that you need and screen for those capabilities. Services range from simple cleaning and cooking to offering highly skilled nursing care for seniors suffering from chronic illnesses.

You should write down a detailedscripti job dt outlines the services and qualities most important to you. You should absolutely do this before interviewing anyone.

When you start to interview caregiver candidates, make sure you go over each of your requirements during the interview. You want the potential caregiver to know exactly what is expected, and you also want to assess their capabilities and experience with those type of tasks.

For example, if your parent is wheelchair bound, you should ensure the interviewee is strong enough to move someone from the wheelchair to a bed or into a van.

Second, you will need to ensure the person you hire can keep their cool and be compassionate. Ask them to give examples of times they have demonstrated this and ask for references.

If they get this far, make sure they know any rules you have, such as no smoking or no outside visitors.

Finally, check credentials, insurance, criminal background, and complaint history for both the individual and any agency he or she is working through.
With these basic steps, you should be able to find a competent elder care worker you and your parent will be comfortable with.

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