Factors and Training Issue Female Bodybuilders Have to Consider


Factors and Training Issue Female Bodybuilders Have to Consider

Factors and Training Issue Female Bodybuilders Have to Consider

Factors and training issue female bodybuilders have to consider to be successful in the sport. The training and diet for women is different then for men in the sport.

When it comes to weight lifting your diet plays a very crucial role. Women are usually very selective about what they eat. They prefer most of the time to eat very light meals. This however is a setback when it comes to weight lifting because your body will not have enough energy and power to train intensely. When you eat light meals your body will go into starvation mode since it does not have sufficient calories in the system. When the body goes into starvation mode you will start losing muscle tissues because the body is trying to preserve energy by burning muscles instead of fat.

When you lose your muscle tissues you will experience weight gain since your body metabolism is low. The rate of your body metabolism is determined by the amount of lean body muscles your body has. The more lean body muscles you have the faster your rate of metabolism. Since your body is losing muscles as a result of eating light meals your body metabolism will slow down. Women have a lower percentage of muscle mass compared to there male counterpart and that is why they cannot afford to lose any muscle tissue when the body goes into starvation mode.

The bone structure has a role to play when it comes to women’s weight training session. The female hips or pelvic bones are wider than there male counterpart so that they can be able to give birth. Women are therefore more prone to injuries since there is a significant amount of stress imposed on the knees. In order to reduce this risk, women are supposed to start off slowly when training and use techniques such as progressive resistance training.

The other factor which makes training among women quite unique is there physiology. Weight training exercises are known to cause very positive effects for both men and women. There is however significant difference due to there hormonal differences. While men have testosterone as the dominant hormone women on the other hand haveĀ  estrogen as the dominant hormone. Women have only minute traces of testosterone which are not capable of making them develop a very massive body physique. The levels of testosterone in women are only capable of making them develop lean and well toned body physiques.

The other important factor to note is the issue of body fat. Women usually have a high percentage of body fat compared to men. There have been cases where women who undertake severe dieting and intense training have experienced menorrhea which is a condition whereby the woman fails to experience menstruation. When this happens your training process will be completely disrupted. Therefore you should not train when you are in the menstruation period.

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