Eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Or Take a Pill


Eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Or Take a Pill

Eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Or Take a Pill

The question is to eat fresh fruit and vegetables or take a pill to get our vitamins. I remember when my kids were small, the doctor recommended I give my kids vitamin pills. In those days, there were nicely colored pills shaped and flavored like different fruits and vegetables. I’m sure they are still available today. The point is, you should be able to get all of the nutrients you need from the food you eat. Why does one have to take little chew-able pills full of artificial flavors and colors, in addition to loads of sugar or artificial sweeteners to get our vitamins and minerals?

It’s well known that soil depletion is becoming a very serious problem in the agriculture industry as huge mega-farms grow acres and acres of select crops at a time. Some of them are contracted by major food packagers to supply salad ingredients or spinach, for example. Consistency in size and appearance is imperative as a marketing quality, so fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides use is rampant. The soil is just a place to put the roots. In large greenhouse operations, crops are grown hydroponically and all the nutrients are fed to the plants through the water medium.

Despite all of this, the level of nutrients in our food has dropped in a terrifying manner. One graphic example is spinach. You’d have to eat 40 bowls of today’s spinach to get the same amount of iron that was in a bowl of spinach 60 years ago.

Fortunately, more and more farmers are switching to more organic practices where composting and sustainable practices are restoring the soil and building nutrient rich growing mediums in which to grow crops. If you look at the cost of the food you buy in the supermarket that is intensively farmed with little food value, plus the cost of the supplement you would have to take to remain healthy, you will see that it is very cost effective to eat organic.

To help farmers of all crafts to become more organic, a new technology is emerging that will do just that. Electro-chemically activated water is made by a machine on-site that will allow farmers to keep their animals and their crops germ, pest and disease free. The solution with a neutral pH, is called Invins-AbleTM. It is a concentrated solution that is injected into the water supply that is used to water or spray crops in greenhouses or in the field. Scientists also report that dilute Invins-AbleTM can be used to feed chickens to keep mortality risk near zero and prevent diseases. In addition, cows can be fed the dilute solution to guard their health and keep the milk clean and pus free.

One of the major players in the company that has Invins-AbleTM, Dean Chilton, of Excel Aqua says there are so many organic uses for this solution that he expects this machinery to change the course of agriculture and industry in the near future.

One of the greatest benefits of this technology is that it helps to restore the natural pH of the soil so that the plants can uptake minerals naturally and produce higher concentrations of vitamins. This will make the food more nutritious in addition to making it more organic and disease-free.

Jean Perrins is a retired nurse and an alkaline, ionized water specialist. She has been field testing the effects of structured water on health in her clinic with sometimes astounding results. It is clear that water has an affect on health that we, in the West are just beginning to understand. Jean is currently working with a team to develop microbicidal and Free Active Chlorine applications to revolutionize industrial and agricultural methods using Invins-AbleTM electrochemically activated water. She and her team believe that Invins-AbleTM will help eliminate antibiotic and hormone use in food animals and will allow cleaning and chemical services to do more and more processes with this structured water. The economic and environmental savings are astounding.

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