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It’s hard to keep up with Atlanta urologist Brian Hill.

He spends his 14-hour days moving quickly between the waiting room –“Hi, I’m Brian, nice to meet you” — the operating room — “We all good here?” — and the recovery area, where a typical conversation might involve telling his elderly patient she is beautiful while giving her daughter a high five.
“Bladder looked perfect, she did good, so that’s awesome,” he tells them.
“We just love Dr. Hill,” the patient says from her wheelchair as she leaves for home.
The feeling is mutual.
Current Events

Current Events

“I love medicine. Medicine is great,” Hill says with a big smile. “When you sit in the exam room, interact with patients, you operate, you do those things that we were trained to do. It’s awesome.”
The smile disappears. “When we have to deal with the industry of health care, when I have to deal with all of the bureaucracy and the burden that’s built around the system of health care, that makes medicine difficult.”
And how does Hill feel the Affordable Care Act affected that bureaucracy?
“I thought it was going to be a disaster. And I was right.”

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