Child Care Apprenticeship Can Be Rewarding


Child Care Apprenticeship Can Be Rewarding

Child Care Apprenticeship Can Be Rewarding

They say to never work with kids…but working with children can provide you with some of the most rewarding and fulfilling moments in your life let alone your career. If this appeals to you, then starting an apprenticeship in child care maybe a step in the right direction for your career!

What’s it about?

With more and more parents out at work- nursery schools, playgroups, and daycare centers are on the increase. By organizing stimulating play and educational activities, you’ll be helping kids to build their social and practical skills and have fun at the same time.

Child care is all about making sure children (aged from birth to 16) are looked after, kept active, happy and nourished. Apprentices will be placed in a setting or a service whose main purpose is children’s care, learning and development. They also help children develop social and practical skills.

Not only will you just be working with children, you will gain an understanding into the hows and whys of their development. The apprenticeship gives candidates an opportunity to put their childcare theory they have learned into practice.
It can be a remarkable and breathtaking experience!

Who’s it for?

Firstly, you need a keen sense of responsibility! We can’t have you going out for a quick smoke leaving the child unattended or texting your mate about tonight’s plans when you’ve got little Freddy running around high on sugar. You need bags of energy and enthusiasm to keep up your sense of adventure and fun, whilst remaining patient and responsible.

You could be dealing with slightly older children from all sorts of backgrounds, so you need to relate well to other people from different age groups and cultures, whilst remaining respectful to the children’s parents.

Leadership skills are important too, as are managing risks and health and safety issues. There’s a lot to think about which wouldn’t instantly spring to mind, but you will be trained, so don’t worry.

What do I get out of it?

As an apprentice, the exact nature of your job role will depend on your employer. The Level 2 apprenticeship is for those working under supervision such as a nursery assistant or playgroup assistant working with children under five, or you could find yourself in an out of school setting working as an assistant play worker.

The Level 3 advanced apprenticeship is for those who work on their own initiative, planning and organizing their own work and/or supervising others, for example, a nursery nurse, playgroup leader or a childminder working in their own home.

Job roles as a nursery assistant, nursery nurse, playgroup assistant/leader or childminder are all open to those who complete the apprenticeship. There are also opportunities to undertake further training and assessments to go further up the career ladder…or should I say climbing frame?


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